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Microsoft Azure Developer Associate

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Our Skills

Azure Cloud and Hybrid Integration Cloud / Hybrid / On-Prem Architecture and Integration

Cloud components are an increasingly important part of todays solutions, at the same time there are still a lot of systems and services on-prem which contain valuable business logic. We have experience in designing an implementing solutions that are either full cloud based, on-prem with BizTalk Server or a hybrid scenario. All solution types have their own challenges in connectivity and security. Designing for the cloud means taking different aspects into account, for example the technical solution versus the costs that this architecture will incur.

Azure Web Apps and Functions Services, API's and Microservices

Services or Web services are XML based SOAP services, used for legacy message exchange. API's or Web API's and Microservices are JSON based REST services, the preferred approach when the consumer is a website or mobile device. A Microservice typically is smaller than an API and follows more closely the design principles of the Service Oriented Architecture. We have a lot of project experience with design and implementation of API's and Microservices, which can for example be realized with the (.NET Core) Web API template or Azure Functions. Standard procedure is to build and deploy the services using Azure DevOps.

Azure API Management and Google Apigee API Management

We have project experience with both Azure API Management as well as Google's Apigee. In projects we did capacity analysis, architecture and implementation of the platform. Important part is setting up the platform, products, policies and security as part of continuous deployment. Another important aspect is making sure the API's can be deployed to API Management easily so the impact on the API development teams is minimal.

Azure Logic Apps and Functions Azure Functions and Logic Apps

For a customer we implemented an Event Driven Architecture using Azure Functions, Service bus and Cosmos Db. The project involved an Azure based ordering system with a hybrid connection to Service bus and on-prem BizTalk. Azure Functions are very suitable for processing small amounts of data, like events, and connects natively to Azure Service bus and a lot of other resources. Logic Apps are utilized for workflow based message processing.

Azure Service Bus and Event Grid Azure Service bus, Event Grid and Event Driven Architectures

An Event-driven architecture, is a software architecture pattern promoting the production, detection, consumption of, and reaction to events. In the Azure environment this means utilizing Azure Service bus for publishing and receiving messages. Together with Azure Functions and Logic Apps this allows for a solid solution. This was implemented for a customer. Alternatively Azure Event Grid could be used for message notification scenarios.

Azure DevOps Azure DevOps

In a modern software engineering environment it is a must to have automated builds and deployments. In Azure this is called Azure DevOps. For each of the technologies we use, standard prcedure is to setup CI/CD so all Azure resources within a project are created in a reproducable way. Part of the deployment can also be deploying code into the resources like with Azure Functions or Web Api's.


What we have to offer

Azure Services
Cloud, Hybrid and On-Prem Integration Consultancy

We have experience in IT since 1996, in integration since 2004 and with Azure since 2008. Starting a cloud, hybrid or on-prem project? Need to integrate cloud and on-prem solutions or looking for additional development capacity? We can help! For greenfield projects we analyse the requirements on functional and technical level, to make sure the solution is secure, scalable, reliable and maintainable.

Integration Architecture and Development Consultancy

We do .NET since 2001 and are SOA Certified architects. With this background we can help you with designing your backend architecture and realize it, the end-to-end approach. Our focus is on API's, connected by messaging or event driven architectures to create stable and scalable solutions. To manage, monitor and securely expose API's to customers, we use API Management.

Integration Architecture


Who we are

Didago IT Consultancy
Our History

We have experience in IT since 1996, which started in industrial automation. Within a few years the step to Microsoft world was made by starting at Macaw (Microsoft solution provider) in 1999. After 10 years of doing integration projects it was time to make the next move, by starting as freelance consultant. Since 2008 we're doing awesome cloud, hybrid and on-prem integration projects for a variety of customers.

Our Customers

We have done consultancy for mid-size and large companies like KPN, Marlink, AkzoNobel, Nuon Vattenfall, Asics, VUmc, Wigo4It, AutoBinck, KASBank, UWV, PGGM, Raad voor de Rechtspraak


Latest News

Discussing technical topics, challenges and musings.
Latest News
Asics in production

Since last July the work on the BizTalk 2013 to 2016 migration was done. Time was spent to test the entire chain and Friday October 4th the platform went live. It was a very smooth go-live, no issues were found so another happy customer!

4 Oct 2019
Latest News
Starting new project at Tacx

We're very excited to start our new assignment. In the role of senior backend specialist, our knowledge and expertise in the integration space will be useful.

1 Sept 2019
Latest News
Project at Nuon Vattenfall finished

In October we started at Nuon Vattenfall to help with a large software restructure project. This meant moving data and functionality where it belongs in order to create master data owners and be ready for the future. Our role in the project is to integrate various systems to allow for data exchange. The project focuses on API design and development and it involves on-prem WCF, Azure Web Apps, Azure Service bus Relay and Azure API Management. Security on all layers is implemented using client certificates and deployment is automated using Azure DevOps.

1 Aug 2019
Latest News
Finished BizTalk 2010-2016 Migration at Asics

A couple of years ago Didago IT Consultancy restructured and migrated the then BizTalk 2009 solution to 2010. Now, after many years of running smoothly it is time to migrate to BizTalk 2016. In a matter of months the environment and applications were migrated. Also the way of deployment was changed to take advantage of Azure DevOps.

28 July 2019


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