Publish as WCF Service

  • Error: "There are no orchestrations with public receive ports in this BizTalk assembly. Click back and specify a BizTalk assembly containing orchestrations with public receive ports“ -> Cause: The wizard checks the dll in GAC, not the phisical dll file in the folder you have selected.
  • After you have used the WCF publishing wizard to create a WCF Service with a receive location, you will notice that there is an app_data folder created. In there is a temp folder containing the file WcfServiceDescription.xml. If you copy that file to a safe place, you can use it in case you need to re-generate the WCF service. If you start the wizard from the command line like this: BtsWcfServicePublishingWizard -WcfServiceDescription=WcfServiceDescription.xml You will notice that all of your previous input is still there (with one exception: the namespace of the service). Remember to copy the WcfServiceDescription file first, as it’s overwritten by the wizard in the …\app_data\temp directory

Host WCF endpoint in BizTalk

  • Use BizTalk receive location to host WCF endpoint. Select WCF-Custom binding and define an unused URL.
  • Make sure for permissions are set correctly, otherwise it won't work in non-dev environments -> netsh http add urlacl url=http://+:8080/MyUri user="DOMAIN\Domain Users"